Home Gilat WavestreamPre-RMA Checklist


Please review the following questions prior to submitting a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) request. The answers will provide valuable insights into any issues encountered while using our products and will help guide us through the (RMA) qualification process.

In the event a product needs to be returned to Wavestream for further investigation, testing and/or repair, we ask you complete and submit the RMA form located on the Wavestream website. Our Customer Service representatives will contact you when the form is received to issue an RMA number and initiate the return process.

Information you will need
  • Contact Information
  • Unit Part Number
  • Unit Serial Number
  • Product purchased directly from Wavestream, Authorized Representatives or third party?
  • Problem statement with context

Things to be considered

Please consider the following and let us know any which may be relavent to your application or issue.

Unit performance at time of failure
  • Was unit operating nominally and failed or was this a start up condition?
  • What was the initial failure diagnosis?
  • How long has the unit been in operation in the field?
  • What is the terminals duty cycle?
  • Was the fan functioning?
  • Is the airflow path clear of debris?
  • What was the IF input level when the unit failed?
  • What was the output power?
  • What brand and model of modem is in use?
  • Has the 10Mhz reference been verified to be on at the modem?
  • What is the state of the LED(s)?
  • Was the fault Intermittent?
  • How is the terminal grounded?
  • Has there been any electrical storm activity in the area of installation.
  • What is the DC power draw? Has there been a change in DC draw? From? To?
  • Has the AC to DC power supply been tested?
  • What type of power source was the AC to DC unit connected to?
  • Has the prime power supply been tested over time to ensure “clean” spike free prime power?
  • Is there an UPS powering the terminal?
  • What is the UPS power?
  • Have there been any power outages that affected the terminal?

  • What were environmental conditions at the time of failure?
  • What was the ambient air temp?
  • What was the internal unit temp?
  • Were connectors sealed?
  • Were the connectors checked for water ingress?
  • Was the transmit path (WG and Feed) checked for water and debris?
  • Is the unit installed around any high power RF emitters such as Radar, Microwave or Troposcatter?
  • Are there any signs of a breach of physical integrity such as cracks, dents, scraped or gouges on the housing or any of the connectors?
  • Was the unit controlled via M&C GUI or hardwired?
  • If hardwired, what pins were jumped?
  • Is the solder on the jumped pins contacting any other pins?
  • If using a Wavestream GUI please provide a screen shot of the GUI at the time of failure.

  • Has a new unit been installed and been verified to function where this one did not?
  • What was done to isolate the Wavestream unit as the single point of failure?
  • Have the cables been tested for proper pin to pin continuity?
  • Has the unit been bench tested?
  • What equipment and configuration was used in bench testing?
  • What was the observed condition?